My Year In Review – 2021

As you can see, I haven’t updated my blog in a few months, but that’s because I’ve been working hard behind the scenes! I am, however, hoping to post regularly in the incoming year, but until then, let’s have a quick review. 2021 has definitely been one for the books, only instead of something light-hearted like a Baby-Sitters Club novel, it was like something straight out of Stephen King! Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but it definitely was a tough one. Though it did have its moments of beauty.

Goodbye, Law School

I started my law school career in 2020 and I ended my law school career in 2020. By January 2021, they were like “nah, don’t come back for two years” and I was like “let’s make that two years forever.” It was so weird, going from one planned out track to suddenly being told it’s time to move on, but I adapted. It wasn’t that hard to let it go. That’s how I knew it wasn’t for me because as soon as they told me I’d been academically dismissed, I cried for a few hours, and then quickly realized I wasn’t crying because I was giving up on my dream. I was crying because I don’t like to lose. After that, it became easier to let it go because I realized during that time – probably even before that – that it wasn’t for me.

Law School requires a lot of you regarding maintaining a certain level of seriousness, and while I know how to be professional, I didn’t like constantly feeling like the creative side of me was being stifled. At my core, I am an artist and once I came to terms with that – while effectively giving up the practical choice – I was able to move forward to something that made me feel excited the way that I saw the other law students feel excited about law.

Hello, Writing

I’ve said it before, but I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I just didn’t know what kind. I distinctly remember being a kid, finishing a Baby-Sitter’s Club novel, and having this feeling wash over me like I wanted to do this myself. I wanted to become a storyteller and put amazing stories into the world, but it was the avenue I was confused about. I tried to be an author, but could never get the dialogue right. I tried writing for online publications and that was great. I got to do so many different articles and interviews and it was amazing because it helped me break out of my shell and it meant the world to have someone take a chance on me. Writing articles, interviews, and giving discourse are things I want to continue doing for sure, but it still isn’t the big thing that I want. That’s screenwriting, that’s the one that clicked.

Don’t get it twisted, this isn’t the first year I’ve thought about screenwriting, nor is it something I randomly did on a whim. I’ve wanted to write scripts for years, and the ideas were there, but I never took the time to put this dream into action and now that I have, I’m so glad I did! So far I have placed twice as a Quarterfinalist in two contests, have one script in the Top 19% of Discoverable Projects On Coverfly, another in the Top 35%, and have been building my portfolio up so that whenever I do get a chance to interact with reps and execs, I’ll be ready. 

the party's just begun

I’ve found something that I’m really good at and I’m loving seeing where it goes. I take my craft seriously, but I also allow myself to dream and have fun because that’s an important part of the process. I know now that I didn’t feel this way in law school because it just wasn’t for me, at least not at that time, and I’m fully invested in continuing with my writing because just like my professors and mentors have told me (though I wasn’t willing to admit it at the time) I have a unique voice. I am passionate and I have things to say. Writing isn’t just something I’m good at. It’s a gift.

This year I did a lot of second-guessing, but I also kept going. I started a brand, wrote two and a half original pilots (the half is for the one that I refuse to show again until it’s rewritten), a spec script, and I got out of my head and onto the page. I met people, I took chances, and most importantly, I tried. That’s something I’d like to continue. For next year, while I won’t do specific plans or resolutions, I will do dreams, and my dreams are to get amazing representation, pitch my pilots, and get staffed on a great television show – not necessarily in that order. 

For me, 2021 was a year of reflection and risk. I took some losses and had so many moments of asking myself if this was for me and if I should keep going or give in, but to quote a scene from one of my favorite Christmas movies, Merry Liddle Christmas, I figured out what I wanted and I went after it, “no more sitting on the sidelines.”