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End of the month update – 2022 begins

2022 is off to the races and so far it’s been pretty cool. I got my first contest advancement of the year (shout out to Black Boy Writes/Black Girl Writes and Stage 32) and I have been growing Black Girl Screenwriters including snagging our first sponsorship (thank you Final Draft)! 

As for my writing, it took off to a slow start. I had all of the plans in the world to jump headfirst into writing on day one, but a forced resting period made me take a break. I finally started back last week and have been getting some good pages in including writing a rough draft of a short film that may or may not keep trying to turn itself into a pilot – seems I can’t help it, I’m a TV girl.

Which brings me to some good news, I have signed on to be a writer in the new season of Love Undone, a web series about unconventional couples, love, and family and yesterday was our first day in the writer’s room! I honestly had a blast and it was crazy how everyone seemed to click so effortlessly. I can only hope that any future writers’ rooms will be that way especially when I get staffed for TV (speaking that into existence). 

That’s about all there was for January. I don’t plan on making these updates a monthly thing, I just realized I hadn’t posted in a while and wanted to share what I was up to. February will be about shining a spotlight on some amazing black girl screenwriters over on the official website and in addition to that, I will be participating in a virtual conference where I will pitch my series, New Growth, for the first time! Wish me good luck on that and until next time, keep writing.